About Us

Getting the right people to do the right thing

Genesis Smart Design specializes in website production and marketing, focusing solely on ‘responsive website’ that includes business website design, online store and company profile.

An expert in trilingual website copywriting, we can write in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia to overcome all language barriers. Coupled with online editing and commercial photography, we provide a one-stop solution to cover all your website production needs, so that you do not have to outsource different parts of the same job to various parties.

Our greatest advantage is a team of professional copywriters, who interview you face-to-face for a uniquely customized website content, bestowing powerful marketing advantage over others.

Design Style

3 major principles to make your website friendlier and more popular

Our most important consideration for your website design lies in its practicality and commercial impact. As such, it must fit the 3 major principles below:

We design the most effective website that is customized to your marketing philosophy