Company Profile Production

Company Profile Production

All-inclusive production, the most satisfying solution

An absolutely essential dossier, the company profile gives a comprehensive introduction of the company. We can produce the most well-organized company profile for you, designed to win over your potential clients and to improve your sales performance.

Our production services for your company profile are as described below:
  • A face-to-face interview with a copywriter to give an exclusive write-up that is completely customized
  • A strategic and stylish company profile that consummately portrays your business overview, brands, product and services and so on
  • A collection of field photos that include your company façade, factory etc
  • An exquisite and trendy design to bring out your brand image

Needed all year round, the company profile serves a variety of purposes. As such, a lot of enterprises will produce one as early as possible in case of urgent need. Depicted below is an account of the uses of the company profile:


Trendy business design to flaunt your stylish brand

The company profile is just like a brand ambassador, representing your corporate image, status and strength. Hence its production must not be sloppy. We promise a visual impact that can accomplish the following effects:

Standard specification

For company profile production, we always follow the standard specification of 210mm x 297mm, i.e. A4 size. There are usually 12 pages, and additional pages can be accommodated, depending on corporate needs.(This standard specification exhibits high practicality and readability as well as low cost, making it the most popular specification in the market today)

Quality paper

Your well-designed company profile will come with front and back covers in Art Card 230gsm (with lamination) as well as inside pages in Art Card 130gsm or 150gsm (glossy paper)

Company Profile Sample

Click to view our e-book sample

FC_PerkasaPower Profile_Cover_FA
FC_Carzo Profile_Cover_FA
FC_Acecom Builder Profile_Front Cover_FA

Frequently Ask Questions

1What do you do with the original design file and pictures when production is completed?
We will give the original design file and pictures back to you.
2Does your company profile production job include printing?
Yes, we can do printing too, and the charges are based on the number of prints and paper requirements.
3Do you require a printing and publishing license for company profile production?
No, it is not necessary.
4What would you do if the company profile you have produced for us is plagiarized?
The contents of all company profiles produced by us are protected by copyright. We have commissioned a law firm as our legal counsel. Should plagiarism occur, the lawyers will investigate and take appropriate actions.