Website Production : Our master profession, our greatest confidence

Website Production : Our master profession, our greatest confidence

Responsive website, in which Genesis Smart Design is adept, can be broken down into two major categories * —business website and online store. We are confident in and good at both.

* By responsive website is meant a website that automatically fits the screen size of a computer, tablet and mobile phone.

B2B Business Website

Constructing the most exclusive, suitable and customized business website for you

Most business websites are B2B websites for the manufacturing and processing industries, trading companies etc., with the intention of providing company information, giving vital and essential marketing information to potential customers.
Our business websites can achieve the following desirable results:
  • Give a comprehensive company profile through good copywriting and imagery
  • Leave an indelible impression of your company in readers’ mind
  • Let readers know your brand, display your superior product and services etc.

Get the right person to do the right job

B2C Online Store

Multi-functional shopping site, much easier to use than you can ever imagine

Online shopping, the most popular shopping trend today, is a type of B2C business. Every shop needs a sales assistant, the critical role of whom is taken over by our ‘sales script’ on your online store.

Our online store website can help you achieve the following results:
  • We provide a face-to-face interview and write a customized ‘sales script’ that facilitates sales;
  • We construct the most comprehensive and multi-functional website that best fits your modus operandi
  • You can easily manage all online purchase functions backstage
  • We provide a user-friendly buying process for your online customers

A website is only the icing, while the cake is marketing. The most ideal website must thus be based on the marketing operation.

There is a secure ‘https’ website, a reliable payment gateway, a multilayered firewall and other security measures to protect customer data against leakage and theft.
Marketing is an art that is not limited by rules and regulations. With e-commerce, we can always set up the best and most flexible solution for your online store according to actual marketing needs.