Production Team

Production Team

Our multiple unique superiority has won us the trust of our clients


Face-to-face interview for a marketing-oriented and SEO-optimized text

A professional copywriter will interview you face-to-face so that he can write a tailor-made content that supersedes others in terms of marketing!

A word content that lacks convincing marketing power, even though it may be beautifully laid out, is just ‘dumb’ and bland, and serves as an ‘amusing pastime’ at most

Conversely, a marketing-oriented text on your website makes a good salesman that leaves an indelible impression on your brand, product and services, making your products the first purchase priority. .

Our chief copywriter, with 20 years of copywriting experience, has been a newspaper and magazine reporter, a chief editor and a copywriter for TV commercials (RTM2 and TV3). He has been invited to write special columns in newspapers and magazines, and has done copywriting for more than 1000 companies!

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Website Editing And Designing

Like a housekeeper, a good website editor makes a website well-organized and easy to read.

Playing a vital role in website production, a website editor is the soul that coordinates copywriting, artistic layout and picture arrangement.

What type of impression does the website leave? How do we deliver maximum impact with the text and images? How should we present an art page? You can leave these posers to our professional website editors, who promise the best layout and visual impact.

Our website editors, skillful and experienced, will apply their expertise to your website design and company profile so as to optimize your marketing prowess.

Trilingual Production

Website production in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia to help you overcome language barriers

One of the key reasons a lot of enterprises entrust their website projects to us is that we provide trilingual copywriting services that surmount their language barriers.

A marketing setback, especially in a society that speaks various mother tongues, is the need for multilingual texts. Hence adding another language to your text not only engenders extra marketing advantage but also shows tremendous respect to your multilingual customers.

A lot of big enterprises who used to use a single language has adopted a multilingual approach to expand their local market or even go international. For a multinational, marketing efforts in both English and Chinese are of paramount importance.

Commercial Photography

Exclusive and elegant pictures for enhancement of brand image

Central to website production is a set of pictures, which paints a thousand words by providing a direct visual impact and texture to the overall design. A website, however well-written and designed, is rendered less desirable immediately without pictures.

We use state-of-the-art DSLR professional digital cameras and special equipment to capture informative and commercially valuable photos such as your company façade, factory location, production facilities and factory environment.

With exclusive photos on your operation, coupled with exquisite copywriting and layout, we can help elevate your company message and brand image to a much higher level.